OSINT Resources

These are some of my favorite OSINT sites. I use them consistently in my research

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Bellingcat’s Online Investigation Toolkit

Investigative collective @Bellingcat is a powerhouse when it comes to research and reporting. They have a 15 category google document with an assortment of useful OSINT resources. The impressive google document can be found here.



Justin Nordine @jnordine maintains the following site. Justin gets feedback direct from the OSINT community and makes changes based on researcher suggestions and audit of the resources. If you have a data point to pivot on go to that category and you will find a useful site or research tool to dig further.


Bruno MOrtier

Bruno Mortier of DigIntel has one of the best collections of collections out there.

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Travis Birch - AML Toolkit

Travis Birch @al_ajnabi_ has a specialized collection of resources for investigating Anti-money laundering. He wrote a series of blogs explaining some of his work found here.



Technisette an OSINT investigator from the Netherlands maintains a curated collection of tools and tutorials.

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Ph055a's OSINT Collection

PH055A is the creator of OSINT.Team rocket chat (which is an invaluable resource all it’s own). @Ph055a also curates an amazing collection of OSINT tools on Github.


Dating Sites

Emmanuelle Welch a French private investigator based out of New York City has one of the best collections of OSINT on dating sites.

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Sector035’s Week in OSINT

Since last year Sector035 has been producing a weekly highlight of OSINT news which typically has some of the newest resources around. If it’s on @Sector035’s radar, it should be on your radar.



I-Intelligence a Swiss based intelligence company released a 327 book of OSINT resources in July 2018 free for download here.