Breaking into Infosec

Thanks for checking out my 'Breaking Into InfoSec' talk.  Below are some of the links: - Rob Fuller's Breaking In Collection

My formal write up of breaking into InfoSec:

Thank You to my Storytime People

I want to thank all the people I mentioned in the Storytime section of this talk and give you contact methods to connect with them

Ed Skoudis -  @edskoudis -

Rob Fuller - @mubix

ColaSec - @cola_sec

Tim DeBlock - @timothydeblock

KillSwitch - @k1LL_sw17ch -

Derbycon - @DerbyCon -

Jeff Man - @MrJeffMan -

The Crystal Method - @crystalmethod -

Chris Hadnagy - @humanhacker

Lesley Carhart - @hacks4pancakes -

Rev Rance - RIP Rance - Sadly we lost Rance, I count myself fortunate to have met him.

Enjoy his DJ set from Derbycon 2015: